清华企业家协会(TEEC,英文全称为Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club ) ,是由清华校友创办的、倡导创新和创业的组织。2001年,多名从事高科技创业的清华校友在硅谷发起创立该组织的前身TEG ( Tsinghua Entrepreneur Group ) 。2005年4月,数十位来自海内外高科技领域的清华校友企业家在北京成立“清华企业家协会 ( TEEC)”。2014年4月29日以“中关村清大企业家联谊会”的名称正式注册为北京市社会团体。TEEC的宗旨是“受助、互助、助人”,即通过互相支持,互相帮助,互为资源,为会员创业和发展提供舞台;同时,为有潜力的新一代清华校友企业家创新创业提供帮助和支持。TEEC一直坚持推进“思源计划”、助力“清华导师团”、支持清华创业教育事业,并参与发起清华大学新百年发展基金,为回馈母校及社会事业不断努力。TEEC目前有500 余位会员,主要分布在TMT、清洁技术、金融服务、生物医药等领域。TEEC在北京、长三角(上海)、粤港澳(深圳/香港)、西南(成都)、西北(西安)、美西(硅谷)、美东(纽约)、 日本(东京)、欧洲(德国)等地区设有分会。TEEC会员创办和管理的数百家企业中,有约 100家公司在国内外资本市场成功上市。TEEC会员创办的公司得到了大多数知名VC/PE的投资,已经获得的VC/PE资金总额数千亿人民币 。TEEC会员创办和管理的已上市公司市值总和达数万亿人民币;TEEC会员发起或参与管理的私募股权基金规模也已经达万亿人民币规模。


Tsinghua Entrepreneurs and Executive Club (TEEC) is an organization founded by Tsinghua alumni entrepreneurs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in high tech industries. In 2001, the Tsinghua Entrepreneur Group (TEG), predecessor of TEEC, was created in Silicon Valley by a group of Tsinghua alumni entrepreneurs. On April 23rd, 2005, Dozens of Tsinghua entrepreneurs from all over the world officially founded TEEC in Beijing Tsinghua Science Park. The mission of TEEC is to provide a platform for members to receive support, exchange succor and contribute help. In the meantime, TEEC aims to support aspiring young entrepreneurs innovation. It has been making great effort to give back to its alma mater and the society. TEEC sponsored “Source Program”, “Tsinghua Instructors Program”, and participated in the founding of the New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University. As of 2012, TEEC has more than 500 members from industries including TMT, clean tech, financial services, biotech and healthcare. It currently has chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Silicon Valley, New York ,Tokyo and Germany . Hundreds of companies founded or managed by TEEC members, and nearly 100 went public domestically or abroad. The majority of the companies founded by TEEC members have received funding from well-known VC/PE firms, with investment surpassing more than hundreds of billions of RMB. Those that have gone public have a total market value of more than tenthousands of billions of RMB. The private equity funds started and managed by TEEC members are worth about RMB 1000 billion.